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About Us

The following is a brief overview of our firm, William Squibb and Associates. We are the leader in the field of tax recovery for First Nations. *We have worked for hundreds of First Nation communities and Tribal Councils across Canada since 1988, recovering taxes from the government which have been paid by the Band administration through travel or purchases made off the reserve as well as other taxation issues. We can say with confidence that there is no other tax recovery firm in Canada that has done more work, or recovered more taxes, for First Nation Band administrations and organizations than William Squibb and Associates.
All First Nation bands have at least 3 types of claims that should be filed annually!  Did you know that most of these claims must be made within two years of invoice in order to get 100% recovery?  Another type of claim must be filed within 4 years and can include anything missed in a previous 2 year claim. The preparation of GST/PST/HST claims is not normally part of the audit work that auditors perform and some of other tax recovery firms do not bother to file for all your potential claims because of the paperwork involved.
In these trying economic times, every dollar is crucial for yearly budgets to maintain essential services. William Squibb & Associates Specializing in Tax Analysis and Recovery for First Nations can help maximize your GST rebate claims and produce extra money to put back in your community.

First Nations FIRST CHOICE in Tax Recovery
Contact Ron Wynn at
519 570-2515
or wsquibbsales@gmail.com
48 Francis St N.
Kitchener, ON
+519 570-2515
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